Top 5 DIY Pest Control Methods For Rats And Wasps Dublin

Having pets at your home is the best experience but keeping pests at home can cause havoc in your home. So you should take the help of Pest Control Dublin. To get rid of them but if you want to do it by yourself, you will need expert advice. Here are some pest control methods to get rid of the worst pests like rats and wasps or hornets.

  • Peppermint and mint trees to repel rats

Along time ago, people used to plant various kinds of trees in their outdoor space for example, garlic plants helped the gardener keep the rose plants fresh and repel pests. Similarly, peppermint and mint plants help repels pests like rats. This is an old technique for Rat Infestation Removal Dublin.

  • Peanut butter and boric acid

Peanut butter along with boric acid is a deadly combination for the rats because when ingested, it can kill the animal within a few hours. Rats love peanut butter and the strong flavor of the butter, emits a smell that can cover the smell of boric acid. So the rat would not recognize the poison and would eat it for food, and then die in its den.

  • Rat traps

These are the traditional methods where rats are killed or captured mechanically with the help of different instruments. There are large collapsible rat traps available along with catch and release traps. At present, the most useful rat trap is glue traps. These traps are truly effective if there is only one rat that is causing all the havoc.

  • Wasp baits

You can get hold of wasp poison which is found in the powder form for Wasp Nest Removal Dublin. Next you will have to mix it with jam and raw chicken or tuna. Then you will have to find a container that is accessible to wasps or else you can create holes in the containers.

Next you will need to pour the mixture in the container and hang it 5-6 feet above the ground. It needs to be handing form a tree at least 50 yards away from the home and near the wasp nest. So once the wasps eat the poison they will drop down. You should wait till all the wasps are dead and only then dispose them by wearing protective gear.

  • Insect spray

Insect sprays for wasps are available in any local shops for Wasp Nest Removal Dublin. But you need to be careful with them because you will have to spray them at night when they are not actively working on the nest. You need stand at the same height of the nest and spray the insecticide from the bottom of the nest which is the only entrance and exit.

Wear protective gear and never stand below the nest. However, all these methods are temporary and some methods may not work as well. Furthermore working with dangerous equipment’s and insects can be equally harmful if you are not able to do the job properly. So you should take the help of Pest Control Dublin if you want to be on the safe side.

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